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Quick & Easy Lunch

I’m feeling a bit lazy this afternoon, so I’m making a quick & easy lunch – the quick part is really only about how long it takes to assemble in this recipe, not the cooking time.

1 cup sliced onions
1 cup quinoa
2 cup water
minced garlic
beef bullion
black pepper

I carmelized the onions in the butter then set them aside in a bowl.
Cook the quinoa in the water & bullion with garlic.
Add onions to the quinoa for the last few minutes of cooking – basically just to reheat the onions.
Pepper to taste.

This really made too much for lunch, so for dinner I added just a bit of bell pepper, fennel bulb and some feta cheese. Should be delish. And healthy.

A couple of questions I would probably have if I were reading this…

  • Why was the garlic in the cooking liquid vs with the onions? In this case, I was not babysitting the onions while they carmelized. Instead I was getting some chores done, and I didn’t want to risk letting the garlic burn.
  • Why water & a bullion vs beef broth? I find quinoa to be very bland, even when cooked with salt separate from the broth. And beef bullion being so salty, I expected this to work in my favor in this particular case.
  • Why quinoa vs making a risotto? I love risotto, but my body doesn’t process the rice starch all that well sometimes. So risotto is a once in a long while treat for me.
  • No pictures so we can all oogle the yum? I really need to start getting ahead of the game so I have time to upload and add photos to my posts. Mea Culpa.

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I’m over it…

Foams, Airs, whatever name you want to put on it. I’m over it. Please don’t put it on my plate, Chef.
If the flavor enhances the meal then find a better way to get the flavor in there. Don’t fall into lazy fads please.

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dang it

I hate when I let life gets in the way of my creating the life I want.
In other words, sorry about the lack of posts yet.

Don’t give up on my yet though. I’m working on getting my life better scheduled so I can get out of my own way! 🙂

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