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Food Philosophy

You may not know this about me yet, but I can be a little wordy. I tend to write the way I talk – which means I use a lot of words to say things that others can say fairly expeditiously (I *heart* words). So, today’s self assigned assignment is to write my food philosophy no more than 50 words. No, this intro doesn’t count. Neither does the outtro extro closing. So, here we go…

Food is more than nutrition, food is also the about the process and the company with which you share it. Sometimes it’s about sharing it with yourself, other times it’s about sharing with friends/family. While flavor is important, so are texture and looks. Simplicity & freshness are the keys.

Do you have a food philosophy? I’d love to hear about it.

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Can a foodie be frugal and do good food on a budget? Yes, they certainly can. Or at least I believe I can, and I’m going to prove it to myself in this blog.

I’m out to prove that a foodie doesn’t have to spend phenomenal amounts of money on food to be a foodie. In my book (or blog) the best foods are the simple foods that let the flavors shine through. Like a diamond, the best quality needs the least fooling around with. Is there really anything better than a perfectly ripe Autumn apple; the crisp snap of each bite, the perfect pinkish white of the meat hidden behind the glossy red/pink/yellow skin releasing drops of juice as one crunches away. Is there anything more perfect than that? How about the snap of fresh sugar snap peas? The tang of lime in a perfectly shaken margarita? Or a grape tomato, roasted and served with coarse sea salt? Oh God, now I’m hungry!

I also believe that being a foodie does not mean that I can not enjoy a cheap burger with processed cheese, or a box of Mike & Ikes every once in a while. Or, even worse (worse?) a refrigerated, preprepared, bottle of Starbucks Vanilla Frappucino. Oh the horrors of admitting I enjoy those things while professing to be a foodie. But it’s true, I’m guilty of the guilty pleasure too.

My goal with this blog? Get back to cooking. Cooking for one is not easy, but it’s doable and it’s healthier than the junk I’ve been ingesting.
I’ve been away from my stove for far too long, and the refrigerator is in a sad state. So, step one is to clean and organize. From there I can begin my joyous love of food again. I also have a goal of presenting costs along with my processes and reviewing both restaurants and recipes I’ve been reading over the last few weeks months years. The side benefit, of course is healthier eating, but there’s also indulgences to be explored and created.

So, cheers to the flavors ahead!

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